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zip: Version 12.18

exe: Version 12.18

64bit Version zip: Version 12.18

64bit Version exe: Version 12.18



The international version includes following languages:
Bulgarian(bg), Czech(cs), Chinese Simplified (zh-cn) Traditional (zh-tw), Danish(da), German(de), Greek(el),English-UK (en-GB),Spanish Latin America(es-LA) Spain(es-ES), Finnish(fi), French(fr), French-Canadian (fr-CA), Frisian(fi), Croatian(hr), Hungarian(hu), Italian(it), Japanese(ja), Georgian(ka), Korean(ko), Lithuanian(lt), Norwegian (bokmål)(nb), Dutch(nl), Norwegian (nynorsk), Punjabi(pa), Polish(pl), Portuguese(pt), Portuguese-Brasilian (pt-BR), Russian(ru), Swedish(sv),Turkish(tr)

You want to use all Opera features also in this version - no problem !

- there are no unwanted effects on IE or other browsers
- existing Opera versions are not affected
- works with every Windows PC (company,Internetcafe, friends,..)
- leave no data on the host computer
- Opera@USB has the same functionality as the Opera Desktopversion. You can also use Opera@USB as Browser/Mailclient on Harddisk.

What do i need for Opera@USB ?
- a computer with an internet connection and a USB-Pen
- there is no installation needed

Opera@USB is a private project by markus obermair,austria
I'd appreciate if some persons make a donation via PayPal

a project by markus obermair 2009-2016